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Clouds plan Software Technology ( Shanghai ) Co., Ltd. ( referred to as " cloud Plan Software" ) , is based on the Internet, computer technology , provide a comprehensive e-business consulting and solutions. Follow "IT as a service , the use of a new business model of cloud computing , outsourcing and applications provided as a service to the customer ! " Concept, as many domestic enterprises to provide high quality programming applications and software outsourcing services.

Company is in a rapid growth stage of development. Currently, the company's software developers 167 people, including outsourcing software developers 87 people , custom software development staff of 80 people . Experienced management team with strong customer expansion capability , and custom software development and software outsourcing business to have a more in-depth understanding ; portion of personnel engaged in project development in Japan , Europe and America Project background. According to business development needs, in Japan, Shanghai , Beijing , Hangzhou, Zhengzhou and other places set up branches and cooperative units . Company has been in power, telecommunications , finance, insurance , banking and other areas to establish a good partnership.
The company's development goal is to become an internationally influential specialized software outsourcing company . Domestic and foreign enterprises by providing users with advanced and sophisticated software technology services , improve enterprise management level, improve their market competitiveness. Companies with mature technology, perfect service system for the IT industry , financial institutions, radio and television industry , the telecommunications industry , logistics industry and government departments to provide a variety of service solutions , and on this basis, gradually determine the main direction of the company , the formation of cloud plans the unique service brand.
Our services:
→ IT services, application development and maintenance : 1 , the client application system development and maintenance 2 , enterprise-class application system customized 3 , 4 mobile applications and embedded development , e-commerce solutions
→ software outsourcing service, follow the "IT as a service " concept , the main business is international ( domestic , towards Japan , Europe and the United States ) offshore software development, software engineer dispatch . With international software companies to maintain market, constantly referenced international advanced development technology , the formation of a unity and cooperation, the pursuit of excellence software outsourcing team.
→ software engineer dispatching services, software outsourcing services department now owned systems engineer and senior programmer , software testing and quality management engineers, programmers generally of a hundred . In the medical , communications, finance and electricity , and other areas of business , providing the world's leading software outsourcing services and software solutions.
Our software engineers are available for dispatch : JAVA Engineer , DotNet Engineer , C engineers, database, DBA, test engineers
→ personnel training system ( Offshore Development Center --- Software Technology Co., Ltd. , Zhengzhou cloud scheme )
Training both in the domestic and foreign professional and technical capacity of the service outsourcing expertise in high-end talent , fully meet customer quality of service and cost advantages of the dual expectations is our long-term challenges . With the rapid development of business , in October 2011 , in Zhengzhou High-tech Development Zone, set up offshore development center and set up a subsidiary : Zhengzhou cloud Planning Software Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the introduction of international software outsourcing business , providing IT specialized training and skills in Japanese, English language training , working closely with universities , the annual training capacity of more than 200 people. Offshore projects through training for the company to establish IT resources .
Success Stories :
→ China Media Technology Operation Management Subsystem
→ Customs domain user control and device management
→ Customs clearance risk Platform
→ WTO document management system
→ Jiu Chi Logistics WMS Project
→ fund marketing platform development and maintenance projects
→ Microsoft MSDN Project
→ System Reliability Assessment System
→ number of funds index of online customer service system management system 
→ E-Commerce Platform Management System
→ Online Teaching System
→ Customer Relationship Management System